For security reasons, account details cannot be changed. To edit your preferred payment method or personal account details, please request the change in your personal area. We’ll send you the confirmation once we make the change.

We issue self-billing invoices to all Partners via email, for each payment processed. The invoice includes the invoicing period and the purpose of payment, i.e. payment for services according to a professional service agreement. If you are registered for VAT, please provide these details when you sign up for the programme. Once onboarded, you can also add this information in the Partner’s space Settings.

If you have noticed a referral has not been tracked, please first check the following: 

  1. if your referral link has the correct destination URL
  2. where possible, if your referrals have confirmed they had clicked your referral link

If you have checked the above, please contact your dedicated account manager to investigate the case.

When you refer someone to EXANTE, please make sure you have sent them your referral link. Each time a visitor clicks on one of your Partner referral links, they are directed to EXANTE's website where they can register and fund an investment account. The Partnership programme tracks your referred traffic so you can receive payment according to your chosen commission plan.

Feel free to promote EXANTE via online channels - blogs, websites, social media - or community groups. You can also promote EXANTE to your friends through phone apps, emails, webinars or offline events. We encourage any promo efforts as long as you comply with our Terms of Business and Promotional Guidelines to maintain the brand's reputation.

If you are an investor, you’ve come to the right place. We offer corporate and individual accounts. If you want to open a trading account, head over to www.exante.eu and sign up with a unique email address. As an investor, we offer you an intuitive, yet powerful trading platform with thousands of instruments available from a multi-asset account. Enjoy over 300,000 assets, low commissions and benefits of direct market access - no re-quoting, no slippage, best execution.

We make partner payments monthly, as long as the partner’s account holds the minimum amount of 100 EUR or 500 GBP. We pay our Partners for the calendar month and accumulate all rebates during this period. Payments are processed on the fifth working day of the following month. In case there is a problem with bank account details or returned payments, we allow for a second cycle of payments on the tenth working day of the following month. In each cycle of payments, please allow 3-5 business days for the money to arrive in your bank account.

We pay Partners monthly in either EUR or GBP. Please note that the minimum payout balance is 100 the EUR currency and 500 in GBP.

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